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Religious Diets

Religious differences in a facility can enter into menu planning.

Meeting religious dietary needs is a nationally recognized standard and is accomplished by varying means. Some kitchens offer a universal religious menu and others offer a modified menu for varying religions with simply a pork-free menu as a base.  

When possible, CNC works with facilities and religious authorities to standardize Religious Diets to meet governing agency, contractual and facility needs.

CNC can help you make the most cost-efficient decisions for your facility while respecting religious beliefs.


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Medical Diets and Counseling

Meeting medical needs of inmates is required in all levels of detention. 

CNC offers Standardized Medical Diets to meet governing agency, contractual and facility needs. This may be accomplished through medical/therapeutic diets or simplified with a Heart-Healthy main population menu.

Standardized Medical Diets may include:  

  • Diabetic  
  • Cardiac (low fat/low cholesterol/low sodium)  
  • High Protein/High Calorie
  • Pregnancy
  • Mechanically Altered and other modified consistency

Individualized diets include:

        Allergy         Renal         Gluten Free/Celiac         Crohn’s, and others that may have a specific medical rationale.

Diets may be minimized with a Heart Healthy main population menu and individualized diet consultation.

Working with medical and foodservice staffs, CNC will prepare a menu that meets applicable guidelines and works at your facility.

Diet and nutritional consultation is available as requested.


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